The body of Christ uniting across America for a National




A National Call to Fast & Pray

It is the nation praying and fasting for 3-Days in RESPONSE to the call to REPENT, RETURN, CONSECRATE and to stand united in the AUTHORITY given to us by GOD.

In REPENTANCE to seek the RESPONSE of GOD to our cry for the forgiveness of our sins, for the REMOVAL of the COVID-19 PLAGUE and for the restoration and healing of our land (2 Chron 7:13-16)

In RETURN to see the FIRE of GOD sweeping across our nation in RESPONSE to hearts throughout our land fully turning back to Him (2 Chron 30:9)

In CONSECRATION, what shall OUR RESPONSE be to the kindness and mercy of GOD? Will we retreat from our pursuit of HIM and go back to our old ways or will we allow HIM to REVIVE, RESET and REFIRE the CHURCH? (Joshua 3:5)

In AUTHORITY to rise up together after going low before God, in faith and in the power of GOD, to see COVID-19 broken off of our families, our churches, our cities and our nation (Mark 11:22-24)

It is the BODY OF CHRIST bowing on our knees before GOD seeking HIS MERCY, as we pray together for the healing and restoration of our nation TOGETHER, may we also unite in prayer to cry out to GOD specifically for the NEW YORK TRI-STATE area, as it is the EPICENTER of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic (Zech 8:20-21).

“For the Lord our God is gracious and compassionate and will not turn His face away if we return to Him” 2 Chron 30:9

How You Can Participate

  • The RESPONSE Fast begins on Friday, May 29 at 12:00am (Thursday night at Midnight) and ends on Pentecost Sunday,
    May 29 at 11:59pm or midnight)
  • Help spread the word about RESPONSE: A 3-Day National Fast (please share with your families, friends, neighbors and
    co-workers, that America is uniting to seek the face of God on our knees together)
  • Please feel free to Fast however you feel led, that is totally between you and God. Some may feel led to fast from
    food by skipping a meal or two a day, others may feel led to go on a media fast (Please use wisdom while fasting)
    Isaiah 58:3-14, Daniel 9, Esther 4
  • Please join in for the National Prayer Service at 6pm (EDT), Sunday, May 31. We will be live streaming on YouTube at: or Facebook>
  • Please join in for the other Prayer Meetings that will be streamed via YouTube and Facebook


A National 3-Day Fast

Live Streaming Daily Prayer Meetings from around the nation
Friday, May 29 – Sunday, May 31
Schedule Coming Soon!

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